OCBA Occasions


The Oakland County Bar Association (OCBA) Professionalism Committee presented “Mining Metadata: The Ethical Ramifications of Snooping” on Monday, May 24, at the Oakland County Bar Center in Bloomfield Hills. Among those taking part were (left to right) Thomas M. Cooley Law School Assistant Dean Martha Moore, Auburn Hills campus; Richard Paige of Bush, Seyferth, & Paige PLLC; Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Colleen O’Brien; and Mark St. Peter, CEO and managing partner of Computing Source. The program was designed to educate lawyers on the dangers of metadata such as sending electronic documents without getting rid of metadata which is hidden data about documents themselves which could include changes lawyers make to the document that they don’t want the other side to see.  Also discussed was a lawyer’s obligations on an ethical side when receiving electronic documents that contain metadata.

Photos by John Meiu.