Firm creates first mobile app for accident victims Program has checklist for gathering necessary information


By Jo Mathis

Legal News

It's an app you hope you'll never need, but will be happy it's there if you do.

The free new app from Southfield personal injury lawyers Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. is the first mobile app created by a Michigan law firm for accident and injury victims.

Attorney Daniel L. Buckfire explained that most people don't know what to do immediately after a car accident.

"Just being in an accident is a frightening experience, even when no one is injured," he said. "Our app provides a checklist of exactly what to do and what information is necessary to obtain after the accident."

Buckfire & Buckfire hired a tech company to create both the iPhone and Android app, then customized the features and worked closely with the company to achieve the best possible final version.

It has a complete checklist and all of the features needed to gather the necessary information needed for insurance claims and possible legal action. It guides drivers through exactly what to do and gives them the tools to do it.

Knowing what to do and capturing all the information at the scene of the accident helps with insurance claims process and injury lawsuits, said Buckfire.

The app is not specifically designed to attract prospective clients, but certainly that is one goal of the project, Buckfire said.

"We hope that motorists and motorcyclists will use the app to capture all of the important information needed after the accident," he said. "We strongly urge all of our clients to download the app to their phones and encourage parents of teenage drivers to have the app on their phones."

Features of the application include:

* Accident tip checklist -- a step-by-step guide to help after an accident

* One Touch Access to call the police or locate the nearest Emergency Center

* Easy Access to call a tow truck or taxi

Built-in flashlight function to provide visibility in dark glove compartments

* Accident form to report when you've been involved in an accident

* Ability to capture photos at the scene of the incident and submit in the accident form

* Quick links to receive your accident report or view no-fault insurance benefits

* Information on different types of injuries and accidents

* Contact and location information to Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C.

Buckfire said the tools for gathering the insurance information and other driver information are particularly important.

"Most people in an accident do not know what information is needed, and the app has fields which make this information gathering process easy," he said. "The feature for having all of the claim information for the property damage claim and no-fault claim is useful because it has all of the information literally at the users fingertips. The camera feature allows the user to take property damage photos and the voice recorder is great for getting witness statements. Also, the mobile phone GPS is used for locating a taxi, tow truck, and closest hospital. Finally, the flashlight feature is excellent when an accident occurs at nighttime."

The app is especially helpful because of the Michigan No Fault Insurance laws, he said. Because there are so many different types of claims after a Michigan auto accident, the app assists the accident victim in organizing and separating the claims, which makes the entire claims process easier to navigate.

"Our firm has always been at the cutting edge of technology and we provide a substantial amount of free information and resources to the public," Buckfire said.

"The free app was just a perfect fit for our business model and how we market our firm. The feedback has just been tremendous."

To download the free app, go to Android Market and search for "Michigan Accident Lawyers" or visit or scan the QR code from your Android.

To download the free app for iPhone or iPad, go to iTunes or the App Store and search for "Michigan Accident Lawyers."

Published: Fri, Aug 5, 2011