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LAD conducts third workshop on small claims court in Pontiac

Legal Aid and Defender Association, Inc. (LAD) conducted the third in a series of three free fall workshops on small claims court Nov. 13 at Oakland County's Adams-Pratt Law Library in Pontiac.

The workshops were designed to teach residents of the tri-county area how to represent themselves in small claim court and collect money judgments.

Kelly Bidelman, managing attorney of LAD's Oakland County office in Pontiac, and LAD extern Mario Azzi, a third-year student at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Auburn Hills, conducted the Nov. 13 workshop.

 Small claims is a judicial process in district courts for settling money disputes of $5,000 or less, Azzi said. The limit was raised from $3,000 to $5,000 in  September.

 The workshop was opened by a guest speaker, Megan McCoy Dennis, mediation specialist with the district court program of the Oakland Mediation Center.  She explained to attendees how they could use mediation as a less expensive, more expeditious alternative to filing suit in small claims court.

Oakland County Board of Commissioners honors Cooley Law

 On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners  presented Associate Dean John Nussbaumer from Thomas M. Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills campus with a proclamation for the school’s outreach efforts, which have aided the Oakland County community.
During the commission’s regularly scheduled meeting, Michael Gingell, chairperson, Oakland County Board of Commissioners, read the proclamation, which said, “This prominent institution has aided the greater community through its exceptional outreach efforts led by faculty and supported by students whose contributions, include providing legal services to veterans with its Service to Soldiers Program, Family Law Assistance Program and Estate Planning Clinic for Seniors 60 plus, which are only a few outreach initiatives implemented at the Auburn Hills campus.”


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