Lansing court reporter publishes romance novel

Lansing court reporter Kristie Dickinson's first romance novel, "Nine Days in Greece," recently debuted on in e-book form.

The story follows Katie Collins, an over-40 woman who is headed on her first vacation in more than a year. While waiting for a flight from Athens to Crete, Collins spots an attractive young man who she ends up sitting next to on the plane. The story follows Collins through the next several days while she vacations in Crete.

According to Dickinson, she was motivated to write "Nine Days in Greece" after traveling to Greece herself.

"I was inspired to write this romance novel when I flew to Crete and was seated next to a very young and handsome Greek man. Imagining what might have happened was the fun part," Dickinson said. "I've always loved romance novels because it's so fun to escape reality for a while to the perfect guy who will always say and do the right thing."

Dickinson said she is currently working on a sequel to the book that will pick up at the end of the book and take the reader through the time period of the epilogue and beyond.

"Writing is my little reward to myself at the end of the day when all of my transcripts are done," she noted.

Dickinson is a member of The National Court Reporters Association, the country's leading organization representing stenographic court reporters, broadcast and CART captioners, and legal videographers, and has been a court reporter for 24 years. She holds the professional certification of Registered Professional Reporter (RPR). She is owner of Dickinson Reporting, Inc. Her hobbies include writing, running, and volunteering with her therapy dog.

"Nine Days in Greece" is currently available in e-book format from and is being offered for a limited time at the special rate of .99 cents.

Published: Tue, Dec 09, 2014