Should Bing ads be part of your firm's marketing strategy?

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The most recent edition of Bigger Law Firm magazine discusses the ways in which Bing Ads can enhance the marketing strategy for one’s law firm. In this issue, Kristen Friend describes how pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, can serve as an effective method of search marketing.

Although Google AdWords has dominated the market for a long time, Bing and Yahoo are gaining in popularity. Bing Ads permit users to import AdWords campaigns, and continues to facilitate the process. Friend writes that in May, Bing started adding support for Upgraded URLs, and during the summer, Bing finished integration of Upgraded URLs in Bing Ads. Therefore, advertisers can currently use existing AdWords tracking templates and URLs to generate Bing paid campaigns.

One can import a maximum of 1.5 million keywords and ads from AdWords into Bing Ads, and import an entire account or a separate campaign. And Bing provides many features that are not offered by AdWords.
Bing Ads Intelligence is an extension of Excel that helps with research of keywords, and provides keyword suggestions. In addition, it permits one to track the performance of keywords and view bid suggestions on the basis of current keyword data.

Friend says that using Ads Intelligence, Bing Ads perform well in the area of competitor research. The Auction Insights tab allows one to view the performance of one’s ads compared to that of firms placing bids on the same keywords. The capacity to view the areas in which one is thriving and not performing as well in certain auctions can provide one with a vision as to how to improve future campaigns.

Friend further explains that Bing Ads provide control at a group level that AdWords only permits at the campaign level. For instance, in AdWords, one can establish a location and schedule for a campaign. Bing, however, allows one to modify the schedule for one or more groups within a campaign, thereby removing the need to generate a new campaign. Moreover, Bing’s ad scheduling is more advanced in that while AdWords bases display timing on the time zone of the purchaser of the ad, Bing permits scheduling based on the time zone of the viewer of the ad.

Friend’s article can help attorneys learn more about the many valuable features offered by Bing to assist them in their marketing efforts.



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