Clement discusses rule of law during Constitution Day event


“The Constitution and the Rule of Law” was the theme for the Constitution Day discussion held at WMU-Cooley Law School’s Auburn Hills campus on Monday, Sept. 17.  Michigan Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Clement was the featured speaker and focused her discussion about importance of the basic foundational premise for our nation’s laws.

During her presentation Justice Clement explained how the Constitution plays an important role in the work performed by judges and attorneys. She spoke about her own experiences and how she uses the constitution to guide her through her legal career.

Explaining her judicial philosophy, Justice Clement said, “Drawing from my life experiences, my time as a lawyer, and my time as a judge, I believe that the role of a judge is to apply the law as written, so that the citizens and policy makers will have the ability to understand what the rules of the game are. I believe in the consistent application and interpretation of the law for the benefit of those who use the system. I believe in true independence and impartiality so that no outside source, regardless of how big or small, can have influence over how cases are decided.”

Justice Clement joined the Michigan Supreme Court in 2017, becoming the 113th Justice and the 11th woman to serve on the bench. Before her appointment by Governor Rick Snyder, she served as chief legal counsel for the governor, advising him on a wide variety of legal, legislative, and policy matters. Before going into the public service, Justice Clement owned and operated Clement Law, PLLC, from 2002 to 2006, where she represented individuals and businesses primarily in the areas of family law, adoption, probate, estate planning, and criminal law.

“It was an honor for our students to hear Justice Clement’s perspective on the importance of using the Constitution as a guiding principle in the field of law,” said WMU-Cooley Assistant Dean Lisa Halushka.