Oakland Court Circuit Court commemorates Constitution Day


Among those taking part in the Oakland County Circuit Court Constitution Day program on Friday, Sept. 14, were (l-r) Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Jeffery Matis, Parisa Sadrnia, attorney Jordan A. Zuppke of What Would a Lawyer Do?, Oakland County Probate Court Judge Linda Hallmark, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren, Oakland County Circuit Court Chief Judge Shalina Kumar, and retired Judge Fred Mester.

Photo by John Meiu

On September 17, 1787, delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the United States Constitution. To commemorate this historical day, the Oakland County Circuit Court hosted a Constitution Day program Sept. 14 for more than 350 middle school and high school students from Cornerstone Charter Schools, Bloomfield Hills, and the International Academy. This court organized event, led by Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren, was meant to provide students with a better understanding of the significance of the Constitution and to encourage further study in the classroom. 

Pursuant to legislation passed by Congress on May 24, 2005, Constitution Day is recognized nationally in schools as a day to celebrate not only the birth of our government but the principles America was founded on; that is, a commitment to the rule of law, limited government, the social compact, equality, and the secured blessings of liberty, equality and justice. 
This year’s program began in the Board of Commissioners Auditorium with an overview of Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and their importance to citizen’s liberties, as well as a quiz bowl led by Founding Father James Madison. Leah Warren, co-creator of Patriot Week at the age of 10, made special remarks.  Students then were divided into groups to visit courtrooms where a dozen judges (including from the Court of Appeals, Oakland Circuit, and Oakland Probate Court) and over 40 volunteer lawyers helped the students engage in mock trials. 

“America can only remain free if every generation learns about and loves the Constitution and our founding First Principles and generating history,” said Judge Warren.  “The court’s efforts are a great way to reach out to our students and help instill in them a greater appreciation of the blessings of liberty and how to maintain them.”

The Constitution Day program is included as part of Patriot Week, September 11-17.  Patriot Week is a grassroots effort, co-chaired by Judge Warren and his daughter Leah and recognized by over 10 states, to renew the spirit of America by celebrating our founding First Principles, major historical figures, key American documents, and historical flags. The dates of September 11 (the anniversary of the terrorist attacks) and September 17 (anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution) frame the week.  To learn more about Patriot Week, visit: www.patriotweek.org.