Oakland Circuit and Probate Courts change reproduction of court proceedings

The Oakland County Circuit and Probate Courts announce changes effective immediately to the formats available for viewing court proceedings. Pursuant to revisions contained in Local Administrative Order 2011-01J, COPIES OF VIDEO AND AUDIO (digital and analog) RECORDS WILL NO LONGER BE PRODUCED. Requests to view court proceedings will be granted within 48 hours of receipt of the form request, unless the record needs to be retrieved from storage.

The "Request for Viewing Video Court Proceeding" form is found on the Court's website at www.oakgov.com/circuit/form_application or may be picked up at the Court Administration Office on the second floor, west wing, of the courthouse. Such requests must be made in writing and delivered in person to the Court Administration Office or by facsimile to (248) 975-9877.

Access for viewing video and audio records is only available during regular business hours. If a video or audio record cannot be viewed in its entirety on a particular day, the requestor is required to return the next business day to finish viewing the record.

Published: Mon, Apr 11, 2011