September 9, 2010

    1. One Perspective: The messy but necessary leakocracy
    2. Law Life: The art of appellate advocacy: Passion play
    3. Money Matters: Pendulum has swung too far on underwriting


    1. National Round Up
    2. Nation - Florida Legal experts say U.S. pastor has legal right to burn Qurans
    3. Nation - Texas Houston suburb won't pursue immigration laws
    4. Nation - Alabama Court justice criticized on gambling role Judge was once lawyer for owner of gambling complex
    5. Nation - California Police plead for calm; protesters egg station


    1. State - Dykema attorneys on 'Best Lawyers' list
    2. State - Oakland Mediation Center works against bullying
    3. State - Illinois Expert: High risk of Asian carp invading lakes States want federal judge to close two shipping locks, install barriers
    4. State - Lansing Gov. Granholm wants longer school year Some question state's education commitment in light of budget constraints


    1. Courts - Nation Bonfire of the equities: Do equities trump the black letter law?


    1. Business - Employment Future hiring will mainly benefit the high-skilled
    2. Business - Washington Peanut exec back to work after salmonella case Nine people died, hundreds sickened from outbreak; investigation ongoing


    1. Daily Briefs (Sept. 9)
    2. No-Fault Line
    3. The art of appellate advocacy: Passion play
    4. Pendulum has swung too far on underwriting
    5. The messy but necessary leakocracy
    6. National Roundup
    7. High court throws out child-neglect charge
    8. Court Roundup
    9. Like father, like daughter: Grants choose Wayne Law, careers on the bench
    10. Court rules judges can demand warrant for cell locales
    11. Cooley Law sponsors annual theater festival 'Stages of the Law' enters fifth year
    12. Are November storm clouds gathering for Dems: Economic worries strain loyalty for some Democrats; jobs are priority
    13. Adwatch Ads attacking health plan miss some facts
    14. Montana State tea party removes leader after anti-gay post
    15. Iowa Senator seeks answers to USDA's role at egg farms