November 18, 2010

    1. Law Life: Bigamist's second wife loses NFL pension
    2. The Firm: Leaders are made, even in law firms
    3. Money Matters: Don't overlook converting old IRA to a Roth


    1. New York Russian arms trafficking suspect arrives in NY Holder calls man's extradition 'victory for the rule of law'
    2. Iowa Teen accused in two store shootings was on probation Boy was charged as an adult
    3. Nebraska New settlement offered in TD Ameritrade data theft
    4. Oregon Police captain suspended for tree tribute to Nazis Plaque honored five German soldiers
    5. Kansas Newly elected AG to jump fast into health care case
    6. National Roundup


    1. Lansing Officials reviewing northern Michigan casino case Five tribes want new off-reservation casino shut down
    2. State Roundup


    1. Washington, D.C. Social Security judges facing more violent threats Number of threats has risen 18 percent over the past year
    2. Nevada Hotel alleges harassment from Hard Rock Cafe
    3. Mississippi Federal lawsuit attacks conditions at juvenile facility


    1. Automotive GM offering may leave out many small investors Sale is one of the largest and most anticipated IPOs in years
    2. Health Next big thing? Big cholesterol drop with new drug Patient study will take several years before drug comes to market
    3. Of Mutual Interest New mutual funds look backward, stress defense


    1. Lawyer puts environmental beliefs into real practice
    2. Community Legal Resources nourishes good deeds Pro bono attorneys, nonprofits to 'tell their stories'
    3. New Lawyers' Seminar scheduled for Dec. 7 and 8
    4. Straker Bar to celebrate milestone with party and silent auction
    5. Daily Briefs (Nov 18)
    6. Mutual mistake, the true story of Rose of Aberlone Otto Stockmeyer reveals the truth of Sherwood v Walker