November 19, 2010

    1. Minnis Minute: Obama's War
    2. The Firm: Get off (and stay off) slippery slope of fee discounting
    3. Taking Stock: United Continental
    4. Under Analysis: Evil, pigskin, and code: One of these is like the other
    5. Eye on Lansing: Thirst quencher ? capitalizing on the California exodus


    1. National Roundup
    2. North Dakota Attorney General working on changes to state's unconstitutional 'sexting' law
    3. Federal summary judgment rules expected to change starting in Dec. Court approved several amendments in April
    4. Supreme Court Watch Who's next on Obama's Supremes list? Candidate has made short list twice before
    5. Pennsylvania Philly, Boy Scouts end gay-rights battle over HQ City will sell building, Scouts will forgive legal fees
    6. New York Exxon to pay $25M in settlement over NYC oil spill
    7. Virginia Deaf inmates settle lawsuit, are provided videophones Settlement also provides interpreters
    8. Indiana Family of vanished woman awarded nearly $3.5M Two men were never charged in student's disappearance


    1. Court Roundup
    2. New York Consultants sue HuffPo, say site was their idea Co-founder Arianna Huffington calls claims 'pure fantasy'


    1. Real Estate Foreclosure mess spreads farther Mortgage industry problems broad, Iowa AG says
    2. Personal Finance Worthwhile? The most widely held funds in investors' 401(k)s
    3. Foreclosure class actions pile up against major banks


    1. The Keith Case
    2. Daily Briefs (Nov 19)
    3. Friday Feature: Applying the Full Nelson to Detroit's Riverfront
    4. ACLU features 'The Onion' web, and politics editor at dinner, Dec. 4
    5. Novel approach Court of Appeals judge publishes legal thriller based on real Michigan politics