November 23, 2010

    1. The Firm: Managing ethical issues with cloud computing
    2. Law Life: Please, Mr. Postman, turn down that alarm!
    3. Money Matters: Fed's move has sent mortgage rates rising


    1. National Roundup
    2. The Net generation 'Digital natives' change the dynamic of how trial lawyers try cases and juries decide them
    3. Analysis Unwelcome glare again cast on state's corrections
    4. Iowa Huckabee calls ousting of high court judges historic move Antipathy toward gay marriage ruling energized social conservatives
    5. Presidential possibilities Pawlenty: GOP cred, low name recognition for 2012
    6. FBI: Hate crime incidents, victim numbers down
    7. Colorado Pinon Canyon ranchers fighting proposed Army site


    1. State Roundup
    2. Lansing Snyder could face GOP lawmakers with own agendas Gov.-elect may have to navigate range of conservative social issues
    3. Detroit Fakes, forgeries and mysteries opens at the DIA Exhibit examines the science and research behind determining authenticity
    4. Stabenow to chair Senate Ag Committee 2-term Senator has served on committee since 2001


    1. Supreme Court Watch Scalia loves his gadgets, but not cameras in court
    2. Court Roundup
    3. Washington, D.C. Black farmers, Indians closer to U.S. settlement Both discrimination cases have languished for more than a decade


    1. Technology Cybercrime and money mules Cyberthieves still rely on low-level human foot soldiers
    2. Wall Street Bernstein's back (And everybody is still wrong)


    1. Phil and Bill on the Supreme Court, Part II Cooley Law professors review U.S. high court rulings
    2. Daily Briefs (Nov 23)
    3. Law students raise money for Adopt-A-Child Program
    4. Michigan Adoption Day Ceremonies across state celebrate uniting kids and families
    5. MSU professor is keynote speaker at Third Circuit Court ceremony
    6. U.S. Supreme Court case could put end to class actions Decision could mean less incentive for attorneys to take on some cases