November 24, 2010

    1. Taking Stock: Making sense of the market
    2. The Firm: Tips for new lawyers on effective networking


    1. National Roundup
    2. California Northern cities bring medical marijuana growing into the light Cities hope to raise more tax revenue
    3. Connecticut White supremacists on trial in explosives plot Buyer was government informer secretly recording conversations
    4. Massachusetts Lawyer: He was scammed by Argentinean con artists


    1. State Roundup
    2. Complete Streets program to help make communities safe
    3. Washington, D.C. Auto industry success a hard sell for White House Obama and Democrats unable to reap benefits of industry's success
    4. Lansing Snyder backs Schostak's bid to be GOP head


    1. Oregon Bank bombing trial shows anti-government sentiment Prosecutors say catalyst was election of President Obama
    2. New York Lawyer's widow shut out in $56M insurance 'wager'
    3. New York Hate crime victim's estate sues


    1. Capital Culture White House white board The man with a marker is chairman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisors
    2. Analysis GM's return may help Obama in Midwest
    3. Real Estate More than half leave Obama mortgage-aid program Many homeowners complain program is a bureaucratic nightmare


    1. Profile in Brief Indigenous Interests
    2. Nation - Nation Audit finds lax security at federal courthouse checkpoints Security lapses are largely due to lack of training
    3. Daily Briefs (Nov 24)
    4. Judges Expound
    5. Law Life: What are the hot practice areas?
    6. Solution Oriented Domestic Violence Prevention Court Groundbreaking venture Staffing, organization under way for new 3rd Circuit program