November 26, 2010

    1. Under Analysis: Bytes of turkey, or how to find a legal job - kind of
    2. Eye on Lansing: 'Fantastic' food and energy - let's get real
    3. One Perspective: The leadership styles of President Obama
    4. Taking Stock: Three for the price of one
    5. The Firm: What you need to know if your client goes bankrupt


    1. Nation - Ohio Close Ohio gay-rights vote mirrors national debate
    2. Nation - Tips for creating effective 'ebriefs'


    1. State - Former Michigan attorney is expert on gambling addiction among lawyers


    1. Courts - West Virginia DuPont offers $70M to settle pollution case $66M would cover cost of clean up
    2. Courts - Virginia Brain injury from fireworks show results in $4.75M verdict Lawyer used more than 70 Freedom of Information Act requests in case


    1. Business - Retail Law's cutbacks on fees, charges boost gift cards Analysts predict consumers will spend $92 billion using gift cards this year
    2. Business - Real Estate Where fewer foreclosures are now bad for business Foreclosure sales have become a rare bright spot in otherwise bleak economies
    3. Business - Of Mutual Interest Kid-friendly fund beats Street at its own game
    4. Business - Banking FDIC says list of 'problem' banks grows in quarter 3


    1. Making the world a better place Professor passionate about helping the less fortunate
    2. Wayne Law degree an advantage for Beijing lawyer
    3. E-commerce can mean 'e-pportunity' for lawyers Regulations offer lawyers opportunity to advise entrepreneurs
    4. Hob Nobble Gobble Ford Field transformed into 'black-tie carnival'
    5. Daily Briefs (Nov 26)
    6. National Roundup
    7. Black-tie blast at Ford Field raises thousands for parade