January 13, 2011

    1. Bench Mark: My New Year's resolution
    2. Legal View: 'Fore!' Maybe 'Caddyshack' had it right
    3. Money Matters: Business valuation and appraiser penalties


    1. Illinois Governor weighs bill to abolish death penalty Previous governor imposed a moratorium on executions eleven years ago
    2. Texas Posada's past an issue in immigration fraud case Defense wants to raise questions about Cuba's credibility; judge to decide
    3. New York Judge drops claims in Obama 'HOPE' artist vs. AP
    4. New York Another guilty plea in federal crackdown on research firms Firm's goal was use industry insiders as cleverly cloaked as consultants
    5. New York Family of slain NY student plans $120M suit
    6. National Roundup
    7. Colorado Former CU football player faces charges
    8. Washington U.S. judge turns down release of Guantanamo prisoner Defense attorney argues Algerian client is victim of mistaken identity
    9. Supreme Court Notebook


    1. State Roundup
    2. Business Solar company that got $58M leaving Massachusetts Company will continue to operate facility in Midland, Mich.


    1. Illinois 2nd person convicted in Chicago beating death
    2. Court Roundup


    1. Economy Jobs crisis pushes up nation's economic stress Bankruptcies rose in 25 states, unemployment and foreclosures edged up
    2. Economy Businesses hiring in 2011 face a buyers' market


    1. Local Voice: The two-minute rule
    2. Wayne -2, Macomb +2 3rd Circuit's loss may be 16th's gain under SCAO recommendations
    3. Courts - Minnesota Guidant to appear in federal court for sentencing Judge rejected initial deal because it didn't call for probation
    4. Daily Briefs (Jan 13)
    5. Professionalism Pros