January 19, 2011

    1. Expert Witness: The Great Crash of 1929: A lesson of caution for all ages
    2. Expert Witness: False allegations of sexual abuse: What can be done?
    3. Taking Stock: Sprint and GE
    4. The Firm: Be more productive, less distracted in 2011
    5. Law Life: Kictchen stove causes felony murder


    1. Oklahoma Attorney wants to boost juror pay
    2. New York Free lawyers NY lawyers log thousands of pro bono hours
    3. Supreme Court Watch Traveling man's gun arrest appealed to high court Man wants to sue New Jersey police for arresting him on gun charge
    4. Pennsylvania Homeless man arrested in Philly stranglings
    5. Maryland Senator says death penalty rules to be taken up Capital punishment has been on hold in state since 2006
    6. Supreme Court Notebook
    7. National Roundup


    1. Lansing No easy decisions Mich. budget director sees tough climb ahead
    2. Hartland Township Soldier stocking stuffers From Michigan to Afghanistan, gifts reach troops before holiday
    3. Cutlerville Couple loses nearly 500 pounds after surgery Incentive for gastric bypass surgery was health after man suffered stroke
    4. Genoa Township Some Mich. residents keep passion for model trains Taking control of trains transports enthusiasts back to their youth


    1. Kansas Air Force court martials airman in sex case
    2. Court Roundup


    1. Economy Year of Reckoning Year ahead looms as toughest yet for state budgets


    1. UDM Business Law Conference to give guidance on legal marketplace
    2. A little tune up Amendments keep state's LLCA in step with the times
    3. Profile in Brief Ice in his veins
    4. Daily Briefs (Jan 19)
    5. Hard Labor