January 26, 2011

    1. Taking Stock: Issues with good dividends
    2. Law Life: A fool and his money are soon parted


    1. Legal View: Empty field labeled 'attractive nuisance'
    2. National Roundup
    3. Supreme Court Watch Scalia addresses tea party-organized event Liberal groups say lecture shows clear bias
    4. Supreme Court Watch U.S. Supreme Court ruling a win for 'reasonable' employers Best policy is to have a privacy policy
    5. Hawaii Bomber engineer gets 32 years for military espionage Prosecutors say he pocketed at least $110,000 selling secrets to China
    6. Alabama Lawsuit to Taco Bell: Where's the beef?
    7. Arizona Defense calls death accident, not 'honor killing' Prosecutor tells jury man killed daughter because she was too Westernized


    1. State Roundup
    2. Bay City Family's business sees growth despite trend Fruit and vegetable stand grew into largest wine, beer distributorship in state


    1. Court Roundup
    2. Texas Informant testifies Posada lied about how he got into U.S.


    1. Airlines Flying the profitable skies U.S. airlines make money again by flying less
    2. Economy IMF says financial stability still at risk Regulatory reforms and policies are still needed
    3. Economy Obama's best hope How presidential fortunes can turn on economic swings and twists
    4. Technology Verizon adds 872,000 smart-phone subscribers Co. starts selling iPhone in February


    1. Daily Briefs (Jan 26)
    2. 'A Voice for Coverage' ABA journal publishes law student's piece on health care for immigrants
    3. Talk of Kosovo
    4. DHS prevails in federal audit appeal
    5. Law professor an adviser to State Department and U.N.
    6. Nation - New York Serial killer theory returns to beach corpses case First body was found in mid-December, three more just days later