March 10, 2011

    1. LEGAL VIEW: A constitutional right to inflict harm
    2. BENCH MARK: A minority of one
    3. Turbulent time at the Michigan Supreme Court, Part V
    4. MONEY MATTERS: Fundamental analysis and security selection


    1. California: History repeating itself? Erin Brockovich back in Hinkley testing water
    2. Analysis: Hornet's nest ahead? Congress examines Islam in U.S.
    3. National Roundup
    4. Idaho: Bill would protect farms from nuisance suits
    5. Washington, D.C.: NPR chief executive resigns over hidden camera video Congressional conservatives are pressing to end funding for NPR
    6. Ohio State gives condemned better attorney access Inmate will be able to call to lawyer if anything goes wrong


    1. State Roundup
    2. Eye on Lansing: Snyder signs farm environmental program bills Bills represent significant step in governor's efforts to streamline state regulation
    3. Lansing: Governor says state must focus on 'we,' not 'me' Snyder acknowledges some policies have angered a wide spectrum of residents


    1. Court Roundup
    2. California: Plea bargain for supervisors in farmworker's death Death of 17-year-old worker from heat stroke sparked outrage


    1. Real Estate: Underwater mortgages rise as home prices fall 11 million U.S. households owe more than their home is worth
    2. Wall Street: Bull market anniversary 2 years after market low, the everday investor is back
    3. Money & Health: Health care goes mobile, but who pays?


    1. Diverse Crowd
    2. 19th annual MLK Drum Major Competition: Detroit seniors offer sound advice for President Obama
    3. UDM Law to host 9th annual auction in April