March 30, 2011

    1. Profile in Brief: Detroit Insider
    2. Taking Stock: Deflation
    3. Confessions of a Condor: Quintet
    4. Law Life- iPad: It's the future of personal computing
    5. Legal View: Despite outrage, anti-Shariah laws wrong


    1. Missouri: Former attorney general backs change to lawyer law
    2. Washington: Five peace activists get prison time
    3. Tennessee: Executives enter pleas in weapons smuggling case Men are expected to testify against British firearms manufacturer
    4. Wisconsin: Ex-prosecutor won't face charges over sexting
    5. National Roundup


    1. Onsted: Mother and daughter team up to write adventure story
    2. State Roundup
    3. Detroit: Report: Michigan bridges rank 13th worst in America; One out of every eight bridges in the state is deteriorating
    4. Eye on Lansing- Democrats: Protect K-12 funding in constitution


    1. Supreme Court Notebook
    2. Court Roundup
    3. Supreme Court Watch: U.S. Supreme Court denies Ariz. execution stay Man was convicted of killing security guard and store clerk in $72 robbery


    1. Business: Auditor: Financial overhaul law cost $1 billion per year
    2. Personal Finance: Debunk the money myths jeopardizing your future
    3. Money: Medicare rise could mean no Social Security COLA; Impact on retirees and the disabled could be devastating
    4. Personal Finance: Sallie Mae brings back deferred payment; Loan volume not expected to increase


    1. Symposium on Thomas
    2. 26th annual ABA Intellectual Property Law Conference to be held in April
    3. Jaffe attorney to hold fundraiser for Japan relief: Charity event to include silent auction of donated items