June 1, 2011

    1. The Firm: Extranets worth the extra time and effort, firms say
    2. Legal Affairs: Firm confidence high in face of changing marketplace
    3. Legal Affairs: Law firm awards three scholarships in entrepreneur plan competition
    4. Taking Stock: First-time homebuyers
    5. Profile in Brief: Copyright cat
    6. Legal View: National Labor Relations Board attacks


    1. Virginia: Children of the fallen; Kids of troops killed overseas turn to each other for support
    2. National Roundup
    3. Oregon: Activists face tough battle to spare condemned inmate; ACLU is evaluating legal options to save man from himself
    4. Mississippi: State attorney general: 3 more executions possible in 2011


    1. State Roundup
    2. Eye on Lansing: Gov. Snyder gets his way without hazing; Since winning election last November Snyder has met with 15 unions
    3. Lansing: Snyder to campaign for higher Michigan bond rating


    1. Supreme Court Watch: High court throws out lawsuit against Ashcroft; Man claimed his 16-day detention violated his 4th Amendment rights
    2. Texas: Former prison school principal settles civil suit
    3. Supreme Court Notebook
    4. Missouri: Man convicted in 1990 death back in court


    1. Real Estate: Now renting: luxe condos built for the global rich
    2. Health Care: In shift, feds target top execs for health fraud; New tactic adds criminal charges to company fines
    3. Personal Finance: Booked early, then airfare fell. A refund? Maybe.


    1. Former DOJ lawyer calls for access to justice: Calls high court 'blind'
    2. Daily Briefs
    3. Cross Country Event
    4. Asylum seekers seek out aid: Fledgling law clinic offers students practical experience in immigration field