June 30, 2011

    1. Legal View: Laws are not best way to thwart Westboro
    2. One Perspective: 'Money had to be wooed...'
    3. Money Matters: Muni bonds should continue tax-exempt status


    1. West Virginia Investigators show fake safety records in mine blast Underground miner says inspection books 'told two different stories'
    2. National Roundup
    3. California Muslim woman sues Abercrombie & Fitch over hijab
    4. ABA warns California can't 'cut justice'
    5. Washington, D.C. Boeing labor dispute turns into headache for Obama Republicans rail against NLRB's lawsuit against aerospace company


    1. Four Drug Court graduates win Joshua Charles Short scholarships
    2. Adult Treatment Court celebrates 100th graduate
    3. Mediation training offered by nonprofit
    4. State Roundup
    5. Eye on Lansing Michigan lawmakers seek medical marijuana changes


    1. New York Bank of America in $8.5B mortgage settlement Problems came with purchase of Countrywide for $4 billion
    2. Louisiana Defense presses ex-officer on bridge shootings
    3. California Feds sue security firm over complaint
    4. New Jersey Gay partners seek same-sex marriage Seven couples sue state over civil union law


    1. Economy Communist Crossroads As China Communist Party turns 90, a debate erupts
    2. Business Kodak's patent push Red-letter day for ailing photo pioneer? They hope so.
    3. Personal Finance Credit card companies could be safer


    1. New jury reform rules aimed at greater juror engagement
    2. Daily Briefs June 30
    3. A Job Well Served
    4. People's Law
    5. Prep School Pre-law program aims to diversify legal profession