September 9, 2011

    1. A brief history of creative destruction
    2. One Perspective: Privatization still growing in Michigan schools
    3. Legal View: When can an employer fire an employee over an offensive Facebook posting?
    4. On Point: Guarding against eGuardian


    1. U.S. Supreme Court urged to reaffirm prosecutors' ethical disclosure obligations
    2. National Roundup
    3. NYC Mayor Bloomberg: NYPD not unfair in surveillance
    4. California Gold fever sweeps through the criminal underworld All-time high gold prices fuel crime spree in the precious metal
    5. New York Docs: NYPD eyed 250-plus mosques, student groups Secret squad sent undercover officers into Muslim communities


    1. Center provides ways to celebrate the International Day of Peace
    2. Law firm helps Ronald McDonald House


    1. Washington, D.C. Foreign witness says judicial nominee broke word
    2. Havana Hopes rise for release of American jailed in Cuba Man is serving 15-year sentence for transporting communications equipment


    1. Economy Trade deficit narrowed to $44.8B in July
    2. Economy More people applied for unemployment benefits Applications stubbornly continue to stay over 400,000
    3. Wall Street How stock trading has changed since Sept. 11 Exchange has diversified its operations out of lower Manhattan
    4. Economy Fed says 12 regions grew modestly this summer


    1. Cambridge receives award for Outstanding Business Lawyer
    2. Essay Reliving instead of remembering Sept. 11
    3. MSU John F. Schaefer Chair in Matrimonial Law holds lecture
    4. Daily Briefs, September 9
    5. 9/11: We Remember