October 5, 2011

    1. Taking Stock: Wells Fargo may be too big to keep customers happy


    1. Florida Deloitte sued for $7.6B in mortgage fraud case
    2. Vermont Vermont Law, long a holdout, lifting military ban
    3. Rhode Island Illegal students face obstacles even after college Advocates back passage of federal legislation known as DREAM Act
    4. National Roundup


    1. State Roundup
    2. Detroit La. drops try to extradite ex-Tigers star McLain Former Cy Young award winner involved in dispute over scrap metal sale
    3. Detroit Trial begins for man accused in underwear attack


    1. Arizona Legal experts: Loughner's only defense is insanity
    2. Washington. D.C. Law firm error imperils Alabama death row inmate Attorneys on case left firm, mailed court notice was returned to sender
    3. Supreme Court Watch Court ponders individual right to sue over state Medicaid rule Plaintiffs contend state measure violates Supremacy Clause


    1. Business Smart money is divided on Bank of America Bank has been crippled by losses from poorly written mortgages
    2. Economy Grand hotels build on their brand in shaky economy Historic hotels around the country are facing competitive pressure
    3. Economy Businesses ordered more long-lasting goods Overall factory orders, however, fell 0.2 percent


    1. Daily Briefs, October 5
    2. Symposium uncovers lack of legal framework for data mining
    3. Profile in Brief: For the People Lawyer switches sides for greater 'fulfillment'
    4. For Our Children Event offers answers about custody, child support, more
    5. Black Eden District judge recalls heyday of Michigan's Idlewild community