October 11, 2011

    1. One Perspective: Unpeeling the Republican onion
    2. Money Matters: Healthcare changes are a-coming
    3. Law Life: The value of having a mentor or coach
    4. Counselor's Corner: The values beneath attitudes


    1. National Roundup
    2. Washington, D.C. Long pursued, arms suspect faces trial in NY court Former Soviet military officer is known as 'Merchant of Death'
    3. New Hampshire Few in primary state paying attention to GOP race Republican presidential candidates to square off in debate Tuesday night
    4. New York Marijuana-shaped candy alarms officials
    5. Kentucky Jail program has new leader and sees better results Alcohol and drugs put an end to man's hopes for an NFL career


    1. Lansing Delegates remember Mich. constitutional convention Gathering commemorates 50th anniversary of ratification of constitution
    2. Regional leaders announce formation of R-PATH
    3. State Roundup


    1. Mississippi Second discrimination suit filed against industrial co.
    2. Thailand American man pleads guilty to charge of royal insult in Bangkok Case raises concerns about reach of Thai law


    1. Real Estate 30-year mortgage below 4 pct.
    2. Economy Deficit 'supercommittee' struggles as clock ticks
    3. Wall Street How bad can it get if the U.S. falls into recession? That may depend on if the U.S. falls into one alone or with other countries


    1. Man for all seasons Attorney has traveled several career paths over his 70 years
    2. 'The Inner Circle' Novelist counts former President among his fans
    3. Farewell to Summer
    4. Cooley assistant dean and graduate receive appointments by the Michigan Supreme Court