October 12, 2011

    1. TAKING STOCK: Getting father's money in 7 simple steps
    2. LAW LIFE: A look at Google Plus 101 for lawyers, part 1
    3. LEGAL VIEW: Social networking, employee discipline and free speech


    1. National Roundup
    2. Wisconsin Documents show woman hatched plan to steal baby
    3. Idaho CCA-run prison remains state's most violent lockup Several inmates sued in federal court, alleging rampant violence
    4. Rhode Island New law aims to protect foster kids from identity theft Federal law requires states to run credit checks on older foster children


    1. Charlevoix Man given kidney by longtime friend Coworker says he didn't think twice about donating
    2. State Roundup
    3. Lansing Poll: Stabenow better known than her GOP rivals Republican candidate Pete Hoekstra is courting tea partiers
    4. Scotts Captain from Kalamazoo County killed in Afghanistan
    5. Detroit Feds off the hook in wreck of Ferrari by FBI agent


    1. Supreme Court Notebook
    2. New York In NYC trial, the mayor and his money become focus Wealth estimated at $18.1 billion has helped and haunted Bloomberg


    1. Economy Pain of job crisis goes well beyond the unemployed Ailing job market is both a symptom and a cause of troubles
    2. Personal Finance 'Say what?': 4 top money mistakes couples make
    3. Retail Wal-Mart to localize store offers for Facebook fans


    1. Judge: Prosecutors can say 'bomb' in airline attack case Defendant is acting as his own lawyer
    2. How the grievance process works Attorney Discipline Board member to speak at Meet 'N' Greet
    3. Law professor penned legal guide for women
    4. Daily Briefs, October 12
    5. Legal Aid and Defender to hold first 'Laddys' Nov. 3