May 23, 2012

    1. The importance of thorough witness preparation
    2. COUNSELOR'S CORNER: Wisdom in a few words
    3. TAKING STOCK: Tax return vs. Simplification


    1. National Roundup
    2. Oregon Release approved for caseworker slaying suspect
    3. Montana Parole board: No clemency for Canadian on death row Condemned man killed two Blackfeet cousins in 1983
    4. Texas Ft. Hood bomb plot suspect wears mask in court


    1. Automotive Industry Breakfast features Chrysler Group's CEO
    2. Howell Harmonious Voice Teenage girl group steps to bigger stage
    3. State Roundup
    4. Lansing Mich. House Dems aim to regain power lost in 2010
    5. Lansing Michigan House panel changes teacher benefits bill Makes changes less onerous


    1. Florida Defendant says drum major wanted to be hazed Parents say son was opponent of hazing
    2. Montana State Supreme Court hears Hutterite labor case Religious colony fighting state attempts to impose legislation backed by businesses
    3. Texas Airline exec found guilty in child porn case
    4. New York Labor judge overturns union election at Target Workers voted down unionization
    5. New Jersey What is hate? Rutgers webcam case rekindles debate Suicide case touched a nerve among gay-rights and anti-bullying activists


    1. Personal Finance Retired couples may need $240K for health care Cost trends on the rise again
    2. Economy Economists more upbeat about job growth, housing
    3. Technology Google completes Motorola Mobility deal
    4. Real Estate Sales of previously occupied homes up in April


    1. Problem Solver
    2. Ceremony of Success
    3. Taking the LEED: Cooley campus receives award for going 'green'