Signature Event: Annual OCBF gala helps raise more than $267,000


Group Photo: Current OCBF Board members and several emeritus trustees gathered for a group photo prior to the April 26 Signature Event at Oakland Hills Country Club. Pictured: (front row, l-r) Past President Kaveh Kashef, Vice President Veronica Leonard, President Patrick McCarthy, Treasurer Lynn Sirich, and Secretary David Plunkett; (middle row) Trustee Marc Jerabek, Emeritus Trustee Gerald Fisher, Emeritus Trustee Tom Tallerico, Trustee Victoria King, Trustee Elizabeth Luckenbach, Trustee Lisa Hamameh, Emeritus Trustee Patrick McCauley, Trustee Michael Turco, Trustee Shirley Kaigler, and Trustee Eric Pelton; (back row) Trustee Justin Cherfoli, Emeritus Trustee Mike Sullivan, Trustee David Jones, Trustee Jim Parks, Trustee Dan Quick, and Trustee Cameron Hosner.

Photos by John Meiu

The Oakland County Bar Foundation, a nonprofit organization serving the citizens of Oakland County and the legal profession, furthered its ability to award grants to impactful community programs through its 19th Annual Signature Event, raising more than $267,000 to support local legal aid and education programs. More than 350 individuals attended the event, held on April 27 at Oakland Hills Country Club.

“It is a community effort to continue the support of legal aid and education programs here in Oakland County, and we are grateful for the generosity from individuals and companies who are committed to supporting our mission of providing access to justice and developing a stronger understanding of the law,” said Patrick McCarthy, president of the Foundation. “These programs can be transformative by giving people a better sense of how the law is part of everyday life, and as we head into our 20th anniversary next year, we are proud to be positioned to help people learn more about different ways the law can impact them.”

With $206,000 raised from sponsorship activity and an additional $61,775 in ticket sales and donations, the event’s revenue totaled $267,775.

Since 2002, the Foundation has contributed more than $2 million to legal assistance and education programs. Proceeds from events have funded grants to further the CASA Program [Court-Appointed Special Advocates] through CARE House, the Family Law Assistance Project, Legal Aid for Children and Families, Michigan Center for Civic Education, Southwest Detroit Immigrant and Refugee Center, Troy Historical Society, and more.