Michigan Adoption Day to be held November 24 Chief Judge Jennie E. Barkey to conduct public adoption hearings

The Genesee County Adoption Day event is part of the seventh annual Michigan Adoption Day, which celebrates adoptive families and efforts to place children into permanent homes. The Michigan Supreme Court has issued a resolution declaring November 24 as Michigan Adoption Day.

Locally, Chief Probate Judge Jennie E. Barkey will hold public confirmation hearings for two families as part of the statewide adoption day event. Information relative to adoptions will be available at the public hearings held on November 24. On November 21, 2009 from 10 a.m. to

3 p.m. an informational event will be held at the Courtland Center Mall. Adoption agencies, Probate Court, and the Department of Human Services will all have staff available to answer questions. Finally, a dinner will be held to give thanks to all of the families who have adopted children in Genesee County this year. To date, the Genesee County Probate Court has finalized 241 adoptions.

Thirty Michigan counties are expected to participate, as local courts finalize an expected 225 adoptions. Some counties will hold informational open houses with speakers and information about the adoption process.

Michigan Adoption Day is co-sponsored by the Michigan Supreme Court, the Michigan Department of Human Services, and the Child Welfare Services Division of the State Court Administrative Office, the Supreme Court's administrative agency.

Adoption facts:

* More than 2,700 children were adopted through the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) and private adoption agencies in fiscal year 2009.

* A relative (46 percent) or foster parent (48 percent) adopted 93 percent of the children.

* 82 percent of children who had siblings in foster care were adopted with at least one of their siblings - 52 percent with all their siblings.

* There are currently about 5,300 children in the foster care system whose parents' rights have been terminated. For approximately 3,826 of those children, the goal is adoption.

For more information about adoption, go to www.michigan.gov/dhs For more information about Michigan Adoption Day, go to http://courts. michigan.gov/supremecourt/Press/MichiganAdoptionDayIndex.htm.

Published: Wed, Nov 18, 2009


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