Duly Noted

 Michigan Civil Rights Commission seeks

permanent executive
The Michigan Civil Rights Commission announced today that they are accepting resumes until Wednesday, July 14, 2010 for a permanent Executive Director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.
This position was vacated by the untimely death of former Executive Director Kelvin Scott in February of this year. Daniel Krichbaum, who previously served as Governor Jennifer M. Granholm’s Chief Operating Officer, was appointed by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission as Interim Director in March 2010.
Resumes, references and other applicant information should be sent to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission at 3054 West Grand Boulevard, Suite 3-600, Detroit, MI 48202 or faxed to 313/456-3791. All materials should be sent to the attention of Donna Allen Wilson, Human Resources Director. Materials can also be sent by email to mdcrjobs@michigan.gov.
At the May 31 meeting of the Civil Rights Commission, a Selection Committee was formed. Commission Chair Matthew Wesaw stated, “We hope to have an array of applicants. The Commission was founded on the principle of equal opportunity and access for all. The Director should be a person with an extensive Civil Rights background and other advocacy work and have experience administering an agency similar in budget and staffing size as the current Department. The Selection Committee will review resumes and select the most qualified individuals for interviews and a presentation to the full Commission in an open meeting.”
Potential candidates may obtain more information by visiting http://www.michigan.gov/
mdcr/0,1607,7-138-4952-239545--,00.html and clicking on the position description
For more information on the Civil Rights Commission, go to www.michigan.gov/mdcr and click on Civil Rights Commission.