Update: Judge Logan comments on his memorable Hall of Fame induction



By Cynthia Price
Legal News

Because Judge Benjamin Logan’s judicial and professional duties required him to be out of the office last week, he could not be reached in time to comment on his induction into the National Bar Association (NBA) Hall of Fame. (Grand Rapids Legal News, August 7, 2013)

Now back, he said, “It was a once-in-a-lifetime feeling, to be inducted by your peers, just a humbling and wonderful experience.”

Judge Logan noted that of the nine being inducted, two — H.T. Smith from Miami and Robert Harris from Oakland, Calif. — were past presidents  with whom Logan became close. “It’s great when your ‘class’ includes people you’ve had a relationship with,” Judge Logan comments.

As mentioned in the article, each inductee may choose someone to introduce them. “Donnie White, Esquire, from Lexington Kentucky was my selection,” he says. “A very very close friend and associate.”

But, the judge notes, he had to leave the well-attended ceremony — about 500 people were there —because he was a judge of the Martin Luther King Drum Major for Justice competition taking place at the same time. “High school students throughout the U.S. compete for scholarship money; the winner get $5000, second place $3500, and so on.”

Those who know Judge Logan will not be surprised to learn that the induction and competition judging were not the only activities he engaged in while at the Miami convention. “When I was the chair of the Judicial Counsel,” he explains,”I started the process that we would do outreach to high school students about our careers, how we became judges. So we did that there at one of the high schools in the greater Miami area, and had about 125-130 youngsters attend, even though it was summer. I was the chair, and one of my fraternity colleagues down there who worked for the school system helped me set that up.

“It’s always good to talk with students because you never know when just a word may turn a youngster’s life around,” Judge Logan added.