Duly Noted

Grand Rapids Bar Association extends voting in trustees and officers election, loses a long-time employee

The deadline to vote for trustees and officers of the Grand Rapids Bar Association (GRBA) has been extended to April 14.

The GRBA has made it easy and secure to vote online. If you need your user name and password, contact the GRBA’s Kenneth Buck at kenneth@grbar.org or 616-454-5550, ext. 109.

Pursuant to Article III of the GRBA?Bylaws, GRBA members were notified in the GRBA’s e-Brief that the nominating committee, appointed by current President The Hon. Christopher P. Yates and approved by the Board of Trustees, made the following nominations:

For Vice President, Benjamin H. Hammond of Hilger Hammond, and Kevin O’Dowd of Kotz Sangser; for Treasurer Scott E. Dwyer of Mika Meyers and Scott Melton of Gruel, Mills, Nims and Pylman; for Secretary, Ingrid A. Jensen of Clark Hill and Joseph J. Gavin of Miller Johnson.

Nominated to fill three Trustee positions are: James R. Sterken of Rodenhouse Kuipers, Prof. Christopher Hastings of WMU-Cooley Law School, Jeffrey M. Black of Plachta Murphy and Associates, Mike Toburen of Toburen Law, Richard E. Zambon of Richard E. Zambon PLLC, and Scott H. Hogan of Foster Swift.

The nominating committee was chaired by Randall Velzen, with members Angel Duff, Bradley A. Fowler, Suanne Watt-Stay, and incoming GRBA President Elizabeth “Joy” Fossel (ex-offiicio).

In other news, the GRBA expressed congratulations and a fond farewell to employee Debbie Kurtz on her new venture. Kurtz joined the GRBA?27 years ago and was often the contact for events, so she was well-known to members.

“We are left with feelings of sadness to see her go, and yet happiness to see her extending her career boundaries,” said the announcement.

There will be a reception in her honor on Thursday, April 13, from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m., at the University Club, 111 Lyons St.. N.W., 10th Floor, Grand Rapids.