Maxson &?Associates leadership firm spins off of Varnum Consulting


Group Photo: The Jennifer Maxon & Associates team, with Maxson herself standing at far left.

Jennifer Maxson, a national leadership development and communication consultant who has practiced with Varnum Consulting for over 10 years, will form Jennifer Maxson & Associates on September 1, 2017.

Through new ownership of the group, Jennifer Maxson & Associates will move from its current space, which it shares with the Varnum law firm, to a new location.

Maxson's group started with Varnum Consulting 14 years ago, when Nancy Skinner & Associates joined the consulting subsidiary of Varnum LLP. Jennifer Maxsonbecame the leader of the leadership coaching area in 2006. Under Maxson’s leadership, the group has expanded its services to the current tipping point of needing independent space from the law firm.

The group, using the tag line of “Enhancing the Credibility of Leaders, has offered personnel assessments, team building and effectivness training, working with nationally recognized tools.

“My relationship with Varnum Consulting has allowed the business to thrive through continued growth,” Maxson said. “I am overwhelmed by the support from clients and staff to make this move and continue the business in our own capacity. We will continue to provide our clients with expertise in leadership development and communication skills and look forward to what our future holds.”

The mission of Jennifer Maxson and Associates will be to enhance the credibility of leaders through its unique programs and services where leaders achieve personal breakthroughs and reach higher levels of performance to drive business growth, influence change, and inspire others.

JM&A’s services include public programs, executive coaching, custom services and leadership and team assessments.

Experienced consultants guide participants in projecting confidence, communicating with impact, motivating and inspiring others, getting buy-in for change, and creating high-performing teams. The move from the firm will allow greater flexibility for programs, as well as workspace for the growing staff.

“For the past 15 years, we have been proud to share the Varnum name with Jennifer and her team,” said Varnum Chairman Dave Khorey. “They are a tremendous group of talented people and it has been a pleasure to work in close proximity with them on a daily basis.

“We will miss the daily interaction with Jennifer and her team,” Khorey said.

“We have no doubt in Jennifer’s ability to take her business to a new level and we’ll certainly be rooting for their continued success.”