Soultivity shines in Lawyers Got Talent show


By Roberta M. Gubbins

Legal News

Soultivity, the Washtenaw County all-lawyer band playing an R & B Medley, took the top prize at the Lawyers Got Talent show held for the second year at the Lansing Lexington Hotel on April 20th.

The members of Soultivity are Robert Carbeck, Stefani Carter, Jon Emmons, Bob Killewald, John Reiser and Robin Stephens. They received a plaque and $250 Music Video Certificate.

A close second place winner was the Sinas Dramis Liabilities all lawyer band with their medley of songs entitled "Reasonably Prudent Standard of Rock." Band members are James M. Hofer, Janet A. Mendez, Steven H. Sinas, Daniel E. Moraniec, Joel T. Finnell, Richard L. Merpi, Rosie C. Dwyer and Clint Harkness. Second prize was a plaque and a $200 professional photo shoot with Eric Johnson.

As part of their medley, Sinas Dramis created and sang original songs including the I.C.B.A to the tune of Y.M.C.A by the Village People, Sinas Dramis Lawyers Only Band and Fight for the Rights of Your Party. The audience was on its feet singing along with the band.

Kel Scott was the People's Choice winner and placed third singing "That's Life" vocals in the Frank Sinatra style. The third place prize was a $75 logo T-shirt Design Certificate.

The judges, Judge Clinton Canady III, Hon. Hugh B. Clarke, Jr. and Judge Amy Ronayne Krause, performed their difficult task of selecting the winners while enjoying the music and the acts.

Catherine Groll, mistress of ceremonies, opened the show welcoming everyone to the second annual ICBA Lawyers Got Talent. She led the audience outside to watch the first act, Philip Glovick performing on the aerial silks, an act where performers climb, knot and drop from two large tissues hanging from a framework outside the hotel.

Returning to the ballroom, Groll introduced Michael Borsos who performed an original classical composition on piano. Jeff Mapes & Richard Merpi II of Noisy Withdrawal played and sang "Most Beautiful Girl" vocals. They were followed by Sheila McCoy singing "I Will Always Love You" vocals.

Genie Eardley who specializes in legal malpractice cases looked at the humorous side of the topic, performing the standup comedy routine "Legal Malpractice. " She was followed by Maureen Dyer singing "Someone to Law Down Beside Me." John Ujaky played the guitar singing Johnny B. Good.

After a brief intermission the second act opened with Garmai Kweekah singing "Eternal Flame," followed by:

* Tim Perrone with a piano medley of a beloved English composer

* Angela Brown, Ann Andrews and Carol Hein-Creger ofAnnabelle's Pet Station, leading the dogs, Marzipan and Buddy through a series of tricks.

* Steven Dulan playing the piano and singing "Desperado"

* Lauren Noelle Clarke AKA Zarina performed a Belly dancing routine.

At the end of the awards ceremony, ICBA President Scott Mandel thanked Catherine Groll for organizing the Lawyer's Got Talent show and her service on the ICBA board, presenting her with a plaque.

Soultivity, this year's winner, is one five bands that have advanced to the next round of the Battle of the Lawyer Bands Contest held at the American Bar Association 2012 Annual Meeting in Chicago. Voting is open to the public until June first on the ABA website.

Sponsors for the show were Alane & Chartier, Annabelle's Pet Station, Church Wyble, PC, Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC, Fraser Trebilcock Davis & Dunlap, PC, Great Lakes Shorthand, Grua Jamo & Young, PLC, Law Office of Catherine Groll, PLLC, Law Offices of Shawn Weera, Mallory, Cunningham, Lapka, Scott & Selin, PLLC, Rancillio & Associates, Sinas Dramis, Brake, Boughton & McIntyre, PC, Speaker Law Firm, PLLC, Stuart R. Shafer, PC, The Peace Talks and Thrun Law Firm, PC.

Published: Thu, Apr 26, 2012