Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame announces inductees

The Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame has announced its inductees for 2012. They were inducted on May 2, 2012 at a ceremony held at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

This year there are five inductees into the Hall of Fame as individuals. They are:

Peter Wege

A man who's a philanthropist in many areas, but one in particular, the environment. As an author of two books, Economicology and Economicology ll, where he states among his principles,"Create a balance of livability between our ecology and economy: economiclogy."

Robert "Bud" Slingerland

Born in 1915, Bud was always an outdoorsman and began fishing the Upper Black River as a young man. Serving as a member of Michigan's House of Representatives he wrote legislation the would become the Water Pollution Control Act of 1965 and introduced the Bottle Bill, which created a ten-cent deposit/redemption fee for carbonated beverages. He was instrumental in restoring the Black River.

Tom Bailey

Tom is Executive Director of the Little Traverse Conservancy. His integrity and deep commitment to land conservation, while respecting the need for balance between preservation and development, has greatly enhanced the quality of life in Michigan.

Theresa Bernhardt

As a stay at home mom in Muskegon, she was appalled at the pollution in the nearby Ruddiman Creek. Despite being told it was a hopeless cause, she went to work to get it cleaned up. She serves as chairman of the Ruddiman Creek Task Force and her efforts resulted in her being awarded President Bush's Volunteer Service Award and getting 13.5 million dollars to clean up the creek in 2005.

Gloria Miller

Gloria Miller from Dewitt she founded Friend of the Looking Glass to clean up her beloved Looking Glass River. She received the Verlen Kruger award for individuals inspiring a personal connection to wilderness through water travel and conservation by promoting clean waterways. In 2005 she placed her 90 acre farm into a conservation easement.

Non-profit Organizations

Huron River Watershed Council

The HRWC was founded in 1965 and is southeast Michigan's oldest environmental organization dedicated to river protection. The HRWC works to inspire attitudes, behaviors, and economics to protect, rehabilitate, and sustain, the Huron River System.


Tuscola ISD

The Tuscola Intermediate School District has developed a program the covers a wide range of green issue. They train students in solar power, sustainable agriculture, advanced transportation, green construction, bio fuels, and wind energy.

Environmental Projects

Ruddiman Creek Task Force

Ruddiman Creek flows into Muskegon Lake and from there into Lake Michigan. Over the years the creek and the pound it formed just before emptying into Muskegon Lake had become severely polluted. It took over 15 years of volunteer work and eventually 13.5 million dollars to get it cleaned up, and there is still work to do.

The Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame is sponsored by the Muskegon Environmental Research & Education Society. President, Steve Coverly stated that "It is time that those people, organizations and environmental projects which are aimed at improving the quality of life in Michigan, get honored for their efforts over the years."

Published: Thu, May 10, 2012