Young Lawyers Section moves forward


By Roberta M. Gubbins

Legal News

Shenique Moss, new President of the Young Lawyers Section (YLS) of the Ingham County Bar Association (ICBA), has big plans for the organization this year. From local workshops to a swearing in the United States Supreme Court in Washington to a Lugnuts game, there are activities for everyone.

"We have some things that carry over from last year such as the Horn of Plenty and the Holiday Party in December, said Moss."

"One of the things that's kind-of far out is organizing a trip to the US Supreme Court for a swearing-in ceremony. The date is Wednesday, April 17th, 2013. You can only have 12 participants and a guest for the ceremony. There is a breakfast in the morning, and a tour of the Supreme Court. I'm going try to incorporate a tour of the White House."

Swearing in ceremonies are held on 'motion day' in the court. Moss, who was previously admitted to the court will move for admission of the lawyers to the court.

"It was neat," she said, leaning forward. "You get to see all the people you read about; some of them in your law school books. Since you're being admitted, you are appearing before the court. It (the courtroom) is not that big. There is really not that much space between you and the Supreme Court Justices. I was in awe."

The Horn of Plenty, a long time tradition with YLS, is also planned. "We will select a charity and contact local law firms and other legal entities seeking donations of used clothing, canned goods, etc. YLS members will pick up the donations and then deliver them to the charity."

Moss sees the basic role of the YLS as providing activities that are of interest to young lawyers. "I want to take a more active role providing educational seminars. There are more young lawyers out on their own and I think that (continuing education) is more important than it has ever been."

"I also see us providing networking opportunities. We want to invite senior lawyers of the bar so we can network with them."

She wants to see the group become more involved in the Lansing Community and find pro bono opportunities, which she sees as a way for new lawyers to gain experience and give back.

Membership in the YLS is automatic and, according to the ICBA, there are 152 members so far this year.

"Our section is one of the sections that you automatically join when you join the ICBA," she said. "You must be under 36 on the first day of the fiscal year (of the ICBA) or, if you are over 36, in practice for less than five years."

Moss likes numbers. After graduating from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2006, she interned for the Internal Revenue Service researching taxation issues and then joined the Michigan Department of Attorney General starting in the Revenue and Collections Division where she responded to formal complaints and represented the Treasury at hearings. Moving through the State Operations Division she is now in the Finance Division.

"I currently do public finance, she said. "I do bonds and I serve as counsel to the Bureau of Investments; there is a municipal component to what I do. That could be reviewing a government charter, answering citizens' letters from people who have issues with their local units. And lately, I've been getting a lot of urban cooperation acts agreements. Governor Snyder is pushing for cooperation with local units around the state."

In January of 2008, she earned a Masters of Law in Taxation and will receive her second LLM in January 2013 with a concentration in Corporate Law and Finance. Both are from Cooley Law school.

Moss lived in the Bahamas until she was in the 7th grade when the family moved to Michigan. Her mother is a teacher in the Detroit Public Schools. She likes to travel and is planning a two-week trip to Europe this summer.

The YLS is hosting Part 1 of the ''Expand Your Practice- Ways to Jumpstart Your Career'' Seminar Series on Saturday, June 23 at the Lansing campus of Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Room 911 Cooley Center. The seminar will be held from 9 am to 2 pm and include such topics as networking, financial planning, client development, expanding your practice and incorporating pro bono into your career. To register for this FREE seminar, please send an email to Law students are also welcome.

Lawyers, families and friends are invited for a fun-filled evening on Thursday, July 5, 2012 @ 7:05pm at The Cooley Law School Stadium as the Lansing Lugnuts take on the Great Lakes Loons. Tickets to the 1st Annual Lansing Lugnuts outing are only $10. For more information about this fun-filled evening, please contact: Melissa Keener at

Published: Thu, Jun 14, 2012