MSU College of Law hosts conference in London

Michigan State University College of Law hosted legal professionals, students, entrepreneurs, scholars, and technology experts from around the globe in London, England, on Friday, June 14, 2013, to examine the future of legal technology and innovation. The free public event, ReInvent Law London, featured engaging talks from thought leaders in a range of fields that highlighted new ways to offer legal services in today's global marketplace.

"The conference cultivated new ideas in law, technology, design, and delivery that have the potential to innovate the legal services industry," said Michigan State University College of Law Professor Renee Newman Knake, co-coordinator of ReInvent Law London 2013 and co-director of the ReInvent Law Laboratory at Michigan State Law. "Lawyers are regulated to the point where it stifles innovation. ReInvent Law is about imagining possibilities and gathering the game changers who will build the future of the industry."

"The event is in large part a 'user-generated' conference," said MSU Law Professor Daniel Martin Katz, co-coordinator of the event and co-director of the ReInvent Law Laboratory. "Potential speakers submitted presentation proposals, and hundreds of people voted online to select ten finalists who spoke at the event. Topics ranged from using technology in entrepreneurial ways to exploring virtual law practice, artificial intelligence, and more."

Invited presenters included Craig Holt, chief executive at Quality Solicitors; Chris Kenny, chief executive at the Legal Services Board; and Richard Susskind, independent adviser to major professional firms and national governments, and the author of Tomorrow's Lawyers and The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services.

The event also featured talks by students enrolled in Michigan State Law's 21st Century Law Practice Summer Program in London. A full list of speakers and presentation synopses is available at

ReInvent Law London, which was held at the CBI Conference Center at Centre Point Tower, drew a diverse group of individuals interested in the future of law, technology, and entrepreneurship. Participants included lawyers, academics, students, technology specialists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, telecommunication experts, journalists, bloggers, and others. Media and scholars have raved about past ReInvent Law events held in Toronto, Dubai, Silicon Valley, and London. A sample of past presentations can be viewed at

The next ReInvent Law event will be held in New York City in November 2013.

ReInvent Law London 2013 was co-hosted by Michigan State University College of Law, ReInvent Law Laboratory, and the University of Westminster School of Law. The event was exclusively sponsored by LexisNexis.

Published: Mon, Jul 1, 2013