McQueen wins ABA John Marshall Award

Mary Campbell McQueen, president of the National Center for State Courts, is the recipient of the 2014 John Marshall Award, presented by the American Bar Association Judicial Division, Standing Committee on Judicial Independence and Standing Committee on Federal Judicial Improvements.
The ABA established the John Marshall Award in 2001 to recognize individuals who have made a positive national impact on the justice system. Eligibility is open to any individual responsible for extraordinary improvement to the administration of justice in the categories of judicial independence, justice system reform or public awareness about the justice system. Past recipients include Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the late former U.S. Sen. Howell Heflin of Alabama and former Gov. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania.
McQueen has served as president of the National Center for State Courts since 2004, and previously worked for 25 years as the Washington State Court administrator and Director of Judicial Services for the Washington State Office of the Administrator for the Courts. McQueen was president of the Conference of State Court Administrators in 1996, and is a former chair of the American Bar Association Judicial Division. She received the American Judicature Society Herbert Harley Award, given to individuals who make outstanding contributions to improving the administration of justice in their state. McQueen holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia, a juris doctorate from Seattle University Law School, and participated in programs at John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and American University.
McQueen has devoted her career to improving the administration of justice and helping state courts become more efficient and effective with their services to the public. Since becoming president of the NCSC, McQueen has been instrumental in elevating the voice of the state courts on a national level. Her accomplishments include:
Participating in the Harvard Executive Session for State Court Leaders in the 21st Century, which brought together leaders representing the justice system, business community and academia. The session met over three years to clarify the role of state court leaders in government and develop and answer questions that the state courts will face in the foreseeable future.
Raising awareness of adequate funding for state courts. As one of the leaders in the ABA’s Task Force on the Preservation of the Justice System, McQueen participated in several public meetings across the country that brought court leaders together with government officials to discuss how court funding impacts the public’s access to justice.
Improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of civil litigation. McQueen currently is working with the Conference of Chief Justices in examining efforts state courts are making to improve the civil justice system. 
McQueen will receive the award at the ABA Annual Meeting in August in Boston.