55th District Court announces amnesty program

The 55th District Court in Mason announces an amnesty program for individuals delinquent on payments to the court. This is a one-time program designed to enhance collections and minimize costs to the county. The program offers waivers of late fees to individuals upon payments of fines and costs in full. The program is effective Dec. 8 through Dec. 19, 2014.
All misdemeanor cases and civil infraction cases in which a late fee/and or a cost to compel appearance fee have been assessed are eligible for amnesty. Amnesty will only apply to individuals who appear in person at the 55th District Court, 700 Buhl, Mason, MI 48854, during regular business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). Provided an individual does not have another valid warrant for his or her arrest and the individual appears at the 55th District Court during the amnesty period, the individual will not be arrested and jailed on a warrant for failure to pay fines and costs issued by the 55th District Court. Upon their appearance, the warrant will be cancelled. This announcement does not preclude an individual’s arrest on a valid warrant prior to his/her appearance at court. During the amnesty period, all late fees and costs to compel appearance fees will be waived upon payment in full. Payment can be made by cash, certified check, or credit card (VISA/Mastercard). 
If an individual’s driver’s license has been suspended by the Michigan Department of State for nonpayment of a traffic offense, the individual is still required to pay the $45 reinstatement fee to reinstate the driver’s license. The $45 fee will be remitted to the State of Michigan.

Upon conclusion of the amnesty period, no further consideration will be given. For further information, contact Court Administrator Michael Dillon, 517-676-8426.