Foster Swift releases four new Legal Basics videos

Foster Swift has released four more videos in its Legal Basics Video series, a series of videos created by Foster Swift attorneys to answer legal questions businesses and entrepreneurs often have.

Topics covered by the four new videos include;

- Alternative Dispute Resolution: Facilitative Mediation

- Alternative Dispute Resolution: Selecting a Mediator

- Employee Benefits: Retirement Plan Issues

- Employee Benefits: Importance of Proper Counsel

The videos range from 3 1/2 minutes to 7 minutes and give a general overview of each topic, including real-life examples, as well as some of the common errors businesses often make.

They provide general information and are not legal advice. The video series is intended to help business owners proactively identify legal needs and select experienced legal counsel.

The firm also recently released a video which discusses Freedom of Information Act requests as they relate to public schools.

Attorney Laura Genovich discusses the top three things schools need to know when it comes to FOIA and when to consult with legal counsel.

According to Genovich, "There are a lot of situations where public records can be exempt from disclosure.""

Learning more about FOIA requests can help protect schools, school officials and the rights of students.

To access the videos visit, under Publications and click on Legal Basics Videos or view them on our YouTube channel:

Published: Mon, Jun 06, 2016