Why your law firm should be using Instagram


Traci Gentilozzi
360 legal solutions PLLC

When we talk about using social media to promote a law practice, the three usual suspects come to mind: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But there is another extremely powerful social media platform that many law firms may be overlooking ... and that is Instagram.

Instagram is a visual social media platform that allows only photos and videos. It is mobile-device based, which means users cannot post to Instagram from a desktop or laptop computer.

Instagram has more than 1 billion users worldwide, making it one of the most popular social networks. In fact, studies show that more than 60 percent of Instagram users learn about a product or service through the platform, and 75 percent of users engage in some type of action by visiting a business’s website after viewing a post.

With these kinds of numbers, attorneys should not pass up the opportunity to use Instagram to help promote their law practice. Here are some tips for how law firms can effectively use Instagram as a marketing tool.

1. Develop a consistent strategy

A law firm’s Instagram message should be consistent with the message on other social media platforms, along with the message on the firm’s website or any digital advertisements.

2. Share content from your law firm

Instagram can provide a digital advantage through visuals, including snippets from a blog post or a short video about your firm’s area of expertise. How do you do this? You post the corresponding visual, along with placing the link you want your users to view inside the Instagram post. (Note: Instagram does not let you post a live link unless it is a paid advertisement.)

3. Use Instagram to “humanize” your law firm

Social media is all about being social. So use Instagram to visually appeal to users by giving them a peek inside your law firm’s culture.

Most people think of attorneys as being no-nonsense, uncharismatic individuals. We know that’s not true, don’t we? In fact, once you peel back the layers, law firms, their attorneys and staff have their own unique personality – and Instagram can be used to help a law firm define its social personality.

Once a firm’s social personality is established, posts can include popular hashtags relating to what the post is about. Keep in mind that Instagram posts usually include a lot of hashtags. By including hashtags, users (your target audience) can see that your firm isn’t just a boring, stuffy law practice.

4. Be creative

A great way to get started on Instagram is to post photos of what is happening behind the scenes at your law firm, including pictures of attorneys, paralegals and staff members. This look behind the curtain helps your firm be more relatable to potential clients. Photos remind people that your firm is composed of human beings and helps erase the “intimidation” stigma that is often associated with the legal profession.

Other Instagram ideas include posting quotes, event/outing photos and videos with FAQs. And, of course, you can occasionally include some direct promotion, like a snippet about a large verdict or settlement the firm obtained.

Other ways to boost a law firm’s Instagram account include:

• Take interesting pictures not just at the office, but away from the office, too.

• Create hashtags for photos that are relevant and will attract new followers.

• Follow the Instagram accounts of competing law firms, others in the legal field and organizations/people in the community.

• Encourage everyone in the office to take photos, so they can be posted to Instagram.

• Pay attention to how other law firms are using Instagram to promote their brand and strengthen relationships with clients.

• Be sure to include geographical tags in your photos. This attracts local attention and helps with location-specific marketing.

While Instagram can help maintain your law firm’s brand and help it come across as personable, Instagram alone is not the best marketing tool for law firms. But when used in combination with other social media platforms, Instagram can certainly increase your law firm’s exposure. In other words, once your firm posts a photo or video on Instagram, it should then be shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This way, your law firm gets noticed even more!


Attorney Traci R. Gentilozzi owns 360 Legal Solutions, PLLC, a company that focuses on legal content development and promotion for sole practitioners and small firms. She is also the Editor of BRIEFS, the monthly publication of the Ingham County Bar Association. This article is reprinted with permission from BRIEFS.