Five young lawyers honored at First Annual Barristers Night


Roberta M. Gubbins

Legal news

The Young Lawyers Section of the Ingham County Bar Association awarded the "Top 5 under 35" at the First Annual Barristers Night held at the Country Club of Lansing on April 22nd.

"The young lawyers are the nucleus for our digital age, said David Lick, President of the Ingham County Bar Association opening the award ceremony. "The association now has Facebook, a listserv, and many other opportunities that weren't available years ago. Much of the credit is attributable to the young lawyers and their abilities. We thought we should honor those who distinguish themselves. We decided to call the award " The Top 5 Under 35."

Brendon B. Basiga, President of the Young Lawyers Section, presented the awards.

"We wanted to give recognition to the outstanding young lawyers or the rising stars of Ingham County," Basiga said. "When asked to recommend award winners to the ICBA Board, we didn't lock ourselves in a room for hours on end, we used conference calls, Facebook, texts, e-mails and online discussions and figured it out."

TheYoung Lawyers wanted the award to be inclusive rather than an exclusive process. "We didn't limit it to one area of law," he said. "We wanted to recognize the lawyers that go beyond their caseloads and billable hours. Our criteria were 1) knowledge of the law, 2) contribution to the legal community as well as the community at large, 3) and professionalism towards the court, other lawyers and their clients."

"Tonight we congratulate those who the Ingham County Bar Association has recognized as Ingham County's Top 5 Under 35."

Calling each award winner to the podium to be recognized, Basiga presented a plague to Stacia Buchanan, Pamela C. Dausman, Matthew D. Drake, Jodi M. Latuszek, and G. Alan Wallace as the first winners of the "Top 5 Under 35."

Sally Pratt was honored for her 22 years of service as editor of "Briefs," the publication of the Ingham Bar Association at the celebration. "Sally has been a mainstay of the Ingham County Bar Association," said Kris Kemp. "I am honored and pleased to thank her for her service to the Bar Association."

"When she started back in the 80's, a newspaper was put together very differently than it is today. Back then electric typewriters and carbon paper were the norm. Sally would cut and paste the layout on poster board. Now we use computers and Sally gets stories via the Internet. Under her direction, "Briefs" went from a small newsletter to full fledged newspaper. No matter what the situation, Sally was there, doing her job with a smile."

"She made the job of Briefs editor look easy and I assure you, it is not an easy job," Kemp said. The paper is first class thanks to Sally."

Thanking her for her years of service, Kemp presented Pratt with a bouquet of flowers and a gift.

After a long round of applause, Pratt thanked the group, "I have enjoyed working with you all. I couldn't have done it without all you contributors." She said that now she and her husband, Bill, would have more time for travel.

The event was sponored by the Ingham County Bar Association and the following firms: Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC, Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC Attorneys, Fraser Trebilcock, Lawyers, Gallagher Law Firm, PLC, and Gallagher & Associates CPAs.

Published: Thu, Apr 29, 2010