ICBA seeks nominations for Lifetime Achievement Award

The Ingham County Bar Association seeks nominations for its Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is given to lawyers who have made a significant and longstanding contribution to the advacement or improfement of the justice system and the betterment of the legal profession in the State of Michigan and have also attained professional excellence as demonstrated by accomplishments in the law or service to the profession during his or her career. The Lifetime Achievement Award may be given in any one year; however, the award is given only in those years when it is determined that an exceptionally worth recipient(s) has been nominated.

This award was created to recognize an attorney who has been in private practice or have served or is now serving in the public, educational, and/or non-profit sector(s) of our community. The recipient of the award will have attained professional excellence as demonstrated by accomplishments in the law or service to the legal profession and/or the general public during his or her career. The award may be awarded to a judge, lawyer previously holding political office, a lawyer in private practice or lawyer in a public sector position. But, irrespective of the position or positions held, the recipient is a person who has or continues to serve with integrity and exhibits the highest level of professionalism and always does so with a recognition that his or her service to the public and the legal community is/was paramount in all aspects of the service they provide(d).

The Ingham County Bar Association believes the Lifetime Achievement Award epitomizes the very best in the legal profession and wishes to recognize with the Lifetime Achievement Award those lawyers who have demonstrated they too are amon the very elite in the legal profession and worth of the recognition this award symbolizes.

Nomination Process:

Nominations must be submitted electronically to Kristen Kemp, ICBA Executive Director, at kkemp@inghambar.org. The deadline for nominations is July 1, 2010. Nominations may be submitted by members or non-members of the Ingham County Bar Association. It is strongly suggested that nominations include biographical sketches and/or descriptive letters of the nominee's qualifications.

Previous Recipients:

The first ICBA Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to the Honorable Thomas E. Brennan, Sr., at the ICBA Annual Dinner in November 2009.

Other ICBA Awards:

The ICBA awards the Leo A. Farhat Outstanding Attorney Award, Camille S. Abood Distinguished Volunteer Award, and Theodore W. Swift Civility Award each year. The nomination period for these three awards opens on September 1 and closes on October 1, 2010. A separate e-mail will outline the qualifications for these awards. If you wish to receive information on these awards now, please contact Kristen Kemp at kkemp @inghambar.org.

Please note the deadline for nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award is July 1, 2010.

Published: Thu, Jun 17, 2010