DNRE awards Dow Corning with the Neighborhood Environmental Partners Program Award

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Director Rebecca A. Humphries presented Dow Corning and its community partners with the DNRE Neighborhood Environmental Partners (NEP) Program Award for their commitment to environmental community outreach.

The NEP Awards Program was developed by the DNRE to recognize facilities and their community partners who have worked together on environmental and natural resource projects to improve the local environment in their communities.

''Dow Corning has built a strong tie to a community organization that helps persons with disabilities gain job skills through a recycling program that the facility has created,'' Humphries said. ''It is this sort of community involvement that creates awareness of our natural resources and how we can all work together to sustain and protect them.''

Dow Corning Midland Site is receiving an NEP award for its work with the Arnold Center of Midland to manage and recycle paper waste at its facility. The Arnold Center is a non-profit organization that assists physically and mentally challenged members of the community by providing them job training. Over five million pounds of paper has been recycled and eight jobs created since the program was implemented. Dow Corning also has partnered with the Midland Volunteers for Recycling to recycle cardboard. In 2009 Dow Corning donated over 620,000 pounds of cardboard to the Midland Volunteers for Recycling, with all of the proceeds going to fund recycling projects in the community. Dow Corning also has a strong relationship with local area emergency responders. Dow Corning provides regularly scheduled trainings and coordination with area emergency responders, police and fire departments to ensure fast and safe response to fires, spills, releases and medical emergenciesFurther information on the NEP Program is available on the DNRE website at www.michigan.gov/deqnep or by calling the DNRE Environmental Assistance Center at 800-662-9278.

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Published: Thu, Aug 5, 2010