Local attorney to travel to Dominican Republic to help build school

By Roberta M. Gubbins

Legal News

Marlaine Teahan, of Fraser Trebilcock, and family will travel to Villa Esfuerzo, a village in the Dominican Republic on June 18th as part of the Trinity United Methodist Church mission trip. They and the other members of their group will stay for a week to help with the expansion of Light and Life church/school in the village.

"I am going with my husband, three children, aged 12, 14 and 15, and my father, Ken Cragg, who is 84. It is an intergenerational trip. My father is a minister and has done a lot of mission work. He is excited to have this trip with his grandchildren."

"We are going with a group of 12 people from the local church and will be joining some folks from a church in Minnesota that we have partnered with for several years. This is the seventh year that the mission group has gone to the same village and added to the school. The sponsoring organization is World Servants."

"We are working on the fifth story of the school this year," Teahan said. "We will also be teaching the women to make crafts that they can sell at the local markets, conduct home visits and continue mentorship of the water purification system we helped install in 2004."

All the members of their group of twelve will be traveling with two suitcases, one for clothes and one filled with items needed by the villagers. "We are collecting personal hygiene items such as combs, small mirrors, shampoo, soap, school supplies and sports equipment. School supplies and sports equipment can be used."

Teahan is asking for donations, which she will need by June 10th.

"Our dentist donated a case of toothpaste," she said. "Donations are tax-deductible and the church will provide letters that a donor can use for their tax return if the donor leaves name, address and description of the items donated.

Donations can be dropped off at Fraser Trebilcock, 124 W. Allegan, Suite 1000, 10th floor, Lansing, between the hours of 8:30 to 5:30 or Trinity United Methodist Church, 7533 W. St. Joe Hwy, Lansing from 9 to 3.

If folks need help getting the donations to Teahan, "I can get that arranged." She can be reached at 517-377-0897.

We plan to have a Facebook fan page: TUMC Dominican Republic Mission Trip where we will update on donations as they come in and will add pictures of our trip as we go if we have Internet access in the Dominican Republic.

Published: Thu, May 26, 2011