Arbor Manor named charter member of 'Senior Crimestoppers'

Arbor Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is the beneficiary of a charter membership in Crimestoppers' Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation (SHCPF) thanks to the support of Citizens Bank.

The Foundation's mission is to provide safe and secure living environments for our nation's senior nursing home residents.

"Arbor Manor was chosen from Citizen Banks healthcare partners in a tri-state area for this honor because of the strong commitment to seniors and their care," said Tony Baker, Community President/Commercial Relationship Manager for Citizens Bank.

Arbor Manor Administrator Philip Flynn said he greatly appreciates the support of Citizens Bank and the Foundation. "We take a proactive approach to our residents' care and this is another opportunity for us to provide quality services by initiating this crime prevention program, therefore stopping problems before they occur," Flynn explained.

"By incorporating this program, Arbor Manor now offers a significant quality of life enhancement to its residents that will further enhance the level of service in the community's constant effort to deliver the highest quality living conditions."

Citizens Bank takes financial security very seriously and supports efforts that assist community residents in protecting them from crime, a spokesperson said.

"Seniors are a high risk group for crime and it's important to ensure that they are offered additional protections, particularly when they may be most vulnerable," Baker said.

"Supporting this program is a great opportunity to provide additional level of security for the nursing home residents as well as provide additional education for the staff.

"I also applaud Arbor Manor for being proactive in its approach to providing a safe place for residents."

A spokesperson for Senior Crimestoppers noted that crime against the elderly in our society is a longstanding, constant battle that can be reduced and prevented through the operation of the Senior Crimestoppers program in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

"Senior Crimestoppers is a coordinated set of components that work together to create a zero tolerance to crime platform in senior housing facilities," a spokesperson said.

"The program includes personal lockboxes for the residents, cash rewards up to $1,000 paid anonymously for information about wrongdoing of any kind, and effective, on-going education and training for staff members and residents.

"Senior Crimestoppers has reduced all aspects of crime in participating facilities by 92 percent."

"Senior Crimestoppers is a way for an administrator and staff to further enhance the lives of the residents they serve. They all work very hard to provide safe, secure, comfortable living environments and their desire to implement the program is just one more example of this," said Terry Rooker, President of Senior Crimestoppers.

"Implementing this program does not mean that the facility currently has a crime problem, but that the administrator is proactively finding a way to keep problems from occurring in the future."

Published: Thu, Aug 11, 2011


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