Free auto accident app helps accident victims

There's a new app released by a Michigan auto accident attorney to help victims gather evidence at the scene of a car accident called "The Accident App by Cochran, Foley & Associates."

Attorney Terry Cochran says that accident wrongful injury lawsuits often are won or lost at the scene of the accident when victims understandably are least able to take necessary steps that will lead to a successful outcome.?

"Human nature makes it very difficult for accident victims to gather vital information and take other important steps at the scene so they can be assured of getting the justice they deserve when they are injured by the negligence of others," says Cochran, senior partner of Cochran, Foley, & Associates PC of Livonia. "This app will help a victim follow a step by step process to preserve the evidence of what is needed at the scene."

The free auto accident app takes victims through the information that should be gathered and then emails that information to the auto accident attorneys at Cochran, Foley, & Associates.

The Auto Accident App features:

* Camera, video recorder, text notepad and drawing pad that provide all that is needed to record all of the pertinent data about any moving vehicle accident.

* FAQ section containing information about the appropriate procedures to prepare for and handle any moving vehicle accident.

* Time saving forms to clearly collect accident information rom the other parties (drivers, witnesses, passengers, etc.)

* Automatic GPS locator which aides in recording critical accident facts like traffic patterns and driving conditions.

* Call emergency number 911 or the means to instantly contact Cochran, Foley or transfer on-the-scene information to them.

The auto accident app is available for free on both iPhone and on Android platforms.

Published: Mon, Aug 27, 2012