Michigan Judges Association's Hilda Gage Award winner named

Judge James C. Kingsley of the 37th Circuit Court (Calhoun County) is the 2012 recipient of the Michigan Judges Association's Hilda Gage Award for Judicial Excellence, MJA President Timothy G. Hicks announced.

The award is named in honor of the late Judge Hilda Gage, who served on the Court of Appeals and the Oakland County Circuit Court. The award recognizes current and former circuit court and Court of Appeals judges who have excelled in trial and docket management, legal scholarship, and contributions to the profession and the community. The award also honors judges who serve their profession and their communities with integrity, skill, and courage.

Judge Kingsley is a graduate of Albion College and the Northwestern University School of Law. He has served as a Calhoun county circuit judge since 1982 and has also served as his court's chief judge.

Judge Kingsley is a faculty member for the Michigan Judicial Institute and lectures at Albion College. He has served as a member and president of both the Michigan Judges Association and the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Alton T. "Tom" Davis praised the choice. "Judge Kingsley has exemplified, without lapse, the high standards of professional conduct and scholarship we ask all in our profession to aspire to," he said.

Kingsley's colleague and current Chief Judge, Hon. Allen L. Garbrecht, said, "Judge Kingsley --by his words and his actions--has shown me how an outstanding trial judge should act on the bench, off the bench, and in the community. I have been blessed to be his colleague."

Albion College president Dr. Donna M. Randall noted that Judge Kingsley's "capacity to understand the depth and nuances of politics is exceptional. Equally impressive is his ability to frame the issues in ways that students understand." She also noted that he was well rounded, as evidenced by his membership in the Albion College Athletic Hall of Fame.

The Michigan Judges Association is a professional association of current and former judges of the Michigan circuit courts and the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Published: Mon, Sep 10, 2012