ABA releases TECHREPORT 2016

The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center has released the fourth annual ABA TECHREPORT, a comprehensive publication exploring how attorneys are using technology in their practices.

ABA TECHREPORT examines data from the LTRC’s new six-volume 2016 Legal Technology Survey Report to highlight key trends — and the practical takeaways — for today’s lawyers.

ABA TECHREPORT is divided into 10 topics and can be downloaded for free as PDFs: Planning and Budgeting; Technology Training; Security; Cloud Computing; Mobile Technology; Practice Management; Blogging and Social Media; Virtual Law Practice; Litigation and T.A.R; and Solo and Small Firm Technology.

In each article, a legal technology expert shares their analyses, impressions and predictions for the future. 

The annual Legal Technology Survey Report, which began more than 20 years ago by the ABA Law Practice Division, is recognized as the primary source for information regarding the use of technology by attorneys in private practice.

The survey is based on responses by actual practicing lawyers — not consultants, vendors or IT staff.

This year’s report is presented in six volumes, which are now available for sale online:

• Vol. 1: Technology Basics & Security

• Vol. 2: Law Office Technology

• Vol. 3: Litigation Technology and E-Discovery

• Vol. 4: Web and Communication Technology

• Vol. 5  Online Research

• Vol. 6: Mobile Lawyers

All six combined volumes are also available.


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