ABA book is a resource for prime contractors and subcontractors

Recently published by the ABA, “Guide to Service Subcontract Terms and Conditions, Second Edition” provides a framework for prime contractors and subcontractors to negotiate the terms and conditions of service subcontracts in support of federal government vendors.

This valuable guide is based on the published Federal Acquisition Regulation and Department of Defense FAR Supplement texts as of November 30, 2018.

This new edition will assist prime contractors and subcontractors in drafting and negotiating service subcontracts under prime contracts with the federal government. It identifies recommended clauses to help protect the rights and obligations of the prime contractor, the subcontractor and/or the federal government.

A range of authors contributed to this text, including government attorneys, in-house counsel, private sector attorneys, accountants and other professionals, all of who brought a multifaceted perspective to the provisions and clauses analyzed.

The editors also come from diverse backgrounds: Keir X. Bancroft, U.S. Air Force; Susan Warshaw Ebner, Stinson Leonard Street LLP; Linda Maramba, Northrop Grumman Corporation; Eric Whytsell, Stinson Leonard Street LLP; and Hartmann Young, GE Aviation.