JPD fees to increase for some services on Dec. 1


At the Oct. 27 regularly scheduled meeting, City Council voted in favor of adjusting the fee schedule for the Jackson Police Department.

Fees for crash reports, background checks, bicycle licenses, and digital LiveScan fingerprinting will remain the same.

Fees for the following services will be increased or instituted effective Dec. 1:

• Ink fingerprinting fees will include $10 for the first completed card and $5 for each additional card completed in any one day.

• PBTs will be charged at $2 for City residents or $5 for non-residents per successful test. A valid ID will be required to confirm residency.

• A notary fee of $5 maximum per day will be instituted for firearm purchase permit/applications. The applicant may take the application to have it notarized elsewhere and return it at a later date to the Police Department.

“This increase in fees reflects only a small percentage of the cost to the police department to provide these services,” said Director Elmer Hitt. “We work to provide the best service possible at the lowest cost, however occasional increases due to economic changes are sometimes necessary.”

Fees for crash reports, background checks, bicycle licenses, digital fingerprints will remain static.

The Jackson Police Department has operated using the current fee schedule since 2009.